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Meras is your leading provider of agriculture and industrial water treatment solutions, including the following:

Water Treatment

Industrial and agricultural water treatment is critical to the overall health and efficiency of your water system. From preventing mineral scale in condensers to treating plugged micro-irrigation systems, our advanced water solutions will help you make the most of your water. Since 2004, Meras Water Solutions has provided comprehensive water treatment programs for customers in a wide variety of in the agriculture, commercial and industrial sectors, as well as municipalities.  
Meras Water Solutions: Food Safety

Food Safety

A safe supply of water is critical to the food industry. Developing and implementing an effective water treatment plan will reduce the risk of waterborne contaminants and ensure consumer health. Meras Water Solutions supports customer assurance programs to comply with industry standards and legislative regulations.


Crop Disease Management

Plant pathogen control is an important component for crop production success. Control efforts require multiple approaches and an effective mitigation plan from the moment the soil is prepared and up until harvest. Our agricultural water solutions helps growers treat the water, the soil, and the crop itself.

Legionella Risk Management

We partner with health care facilities across the state of California to create a complete and comprehensive Legionella Control Program that follows accepted industry guidelines set forth by CMS, ASHRAE, CDC, and OSHA. A proactive, thorough and continuously improving program creates a safer environment for your residents, employees and visitors.

Who We Are

Meras has carved out a particular expertise in helping companies find innovative water solutions. California is known for its complicated water problems, and we have an excellent track record of providing innovative California water problem solutions. Our goal is to deliver an outstanding customer experience by working to continuously improve customer communication, gaining knowledge of customer processes and routinely validating our programs.


Meras Water Solutions is a leading California provider of:


Industrial water solutions  — We specialize in cost-effective water treatment solutions that meet or exceed California’s rigorous water quality, safety and efficiency standards. From HVAC water treatment and pretreatment to wastewater treatment and Legionella control, we are committed to providing environmentally responsible and affordable solutions for each customer’s specific challenges.


Agricultural water solutions — We help growers decrease costs and improve yields for optimal farm or orchard productivity and profitability. We specialize in improving micro-irrigation system performance through improvements in distribution uniformity, crop disease control and agricultural water quality solutions.


Municipal water solutions — We provide comprehensive water quality testing, filtration and wastewater treatment products to help ensure a safe, reliable water supply for your constituents.


California water solutions — Drought and a largely arid climate have led California to enact the most rigorous water control legislation in the nation. We are intimately familiar with the challenges and requirements of California water control measures and can help you stay both compliant and cost-efficient.


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Van Groningen and Sons

Van Groningen & Sons had a block of almonds where approximately 30% of the emitters where mostly or completely plugged due to biofouling.

Salida Sanitary

The Salida Sanitary District was facing an invasion of Duckweed in its holding ponds. This challenge was negatively affecting their dissolved oxygen levels to the point of being in violation with the Regional Water Quality Control Board. See how Meras helped…

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