Meras Engineering can supply a complete line of control packages and installation services for any water treatment system. Some of our capabilities include:

· Conductivity Controllers

· pH and ORP Control

· Flow Based Control Systems

· Full Line of Process Controllers

Meras Engineering’s SmartfeedWave™ program incorporates the precision and flexibility of the SmartFeed™ program with improved monitoring and control capabilities. The SmartfeedWave™ program is completely customizable for your systems to include:

· Monitoring and trending of multiple control parameters, including Conductivity, TDS, pH, ORP, Temperature, and Water Usage

· Direct control of chemical inhibitor feed using proportional water usage, or direct fluorescent feedback control.

· Direct control of chemical biocide feed using proportional, ORP, or preset timed-based feed.

· Additional inputs allow for integration of limitless other parameters.

· Outputs can be sent to DCS or other plant control system.

Data logging capabilities include downloading to computer and data viewing/trending directly from SmartWave controller. The SmartfeedWave™ program is customized for your systems by integrating the necessary components for accurate control and monitoring. The flexibility allows for effective cost control and eliminates purchase of unnecessary equipment and lease agreements on high cost competitive models.

Please contact your Meras Engineering representative for information on how to customize a SmartfeedWave™ service program for your facility.






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