Meras Engineering is focused on maximizing boiler room efficiency and minimizing the cost of operation. This is achieved by performing routine energy audits to verify that there are no unnecessary losses from the system. These audits determine if the optimal treatment for efficient heat transfer, corrosion protection, and minimization of losses in the boiler blow down are in place.

Our engineers also evaluate complete systems to determine if there is efficient equipment insulation, potential for decrease in steam pressure, and proper pre-treatment of makeup water. These assessments are provided to insure that natural gas usage is at a minimum.

Our complete line of boiler treatment products includes FDA approved products for Food & Beverage applications.

Oxygen Scavengers

Our oxygen scavenger technology includes everything from traditional Sulfite-based treatments to all-organic (volatile) scavengers that have equipment passivation properties.

Boiler Internal Treatments

Our internal treatments are designed to keep your heat transfer surfaces operating at peak efficiency while minimizing corrosion. These treatments include the latest all-organic polymer technology.

Condenstate Treatments

Our capabilities include a full library of blended amine products and filming products that can be customized for your facility.






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