Meras Engineering is pleased to provide a comprehensive chemical transportation and delivery service for our customers in North America.  This program allows our customers to have a completely “handsfree” chemical water treatment program. These systems are available for any delivery quantity from 5 gallons to 1000+ gallon bulk deliveries.

A Meras Engineering Delivery Specialist transports the chemical from our facility to yours via Meras owned trucks.  Each chemical transfer takes place after and onsite inspection of your base tank, feed system, and transfer equipment.  Our trained specialists perform the chemical transfer and remove all empty drums, tanks, and pails for recycle at our facility.  Additionally, our Delivery Specialist will work with your personnel to verify safe feed of chemical products and methods to minimize exposure.

Meras Engineering’s Chemical Transfer Service Program gives our customers:

      • Confidence that chemical transfer and storage is done in a safe manner by trained and certified experts
      • Benefit of having a “hands-free” chemical program
      • Benefit of eliminating handling and disposal of used chemical containers

Please contact your Meras Engineering representative for information on how to customize a Chemical Transfer Service program for your facility.







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