Meras Engineering is continually recognized as the value leader in water treatment. Each of our customers is provided with personalized services to meet their need and goals of their operations. Our quality service is measured by the Four Corners of Success.


About_Us_Service_ScheduleService Schedule

Your Meras Engineering representative will work with your team to develop a service plan for the year. Projects and routine service items are prioritized so that your Meras representative’s time is utilized to fit the needs of your facility.


About_Us_Program_OperationsProgram Operations Manual

Your Meras Engineering representative will deliver a manual of Standard Operating Procedures which includes the vital information to manage a successful water treatment program. This includes program operations specifics, troubleshooting guides, safety information, account administration, instructions for wet chemistry testing, and program monitoring guidelines.


About_Us_Program_ReviewProgram Review

At a minimum of once per year, Meras Engineering will meet with your team to discuss progress made in the past year and to prioritize projects in the coming period. Program costs are reviewed along with advancements in system efficiencies, equipment corrosion rates, chemical safety and handling, and progress on all other projects are documented.


About_Us_Program_ReportingService Reporting

During each service visit, your Meras Engineering representative will document the progress of project work and service items with special note of priority items. The Meras Engineering service visit report will be tailored to meet the needs of your facility







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