Meras Engineering Inc provides a new service for cooling towers called Smart Release. Smart Release provides scale, corrosion and biological fouling prevention for cooling towers while eliminating the need for liquid chemicals. With canisters and polymer coated tablets, Smart Release uses traditional water treatment chemistry in a new delivery system.  Both the tablets and the canisters use osmotic pressure from the system’s water flow to release the chemicals into the system. As long as water is flowing, Smart Release is working. This is much more reliable than liquid chemicals that require pumps that can lose prime or completely fail.

Smart Release eliminates the need for chemicals, pumps, spill containment, and drum disposal. It is a green technology that can earn credit toward LEED points. Smart Release is non-toxic to the handler since chemistry is either coated by polymer in the tablets or contained in a canister.

Smart Release is the safer, simpler and more reliable way to deliver scale, corrosion and biocide protection for cooling towers.

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